Client seed calculator

Client seed calculator

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Sesameseed offers the easiest way to stake and earn better rewards over time. Stake on any of the blockchains we represent to earn rewards that multiply your earning potential easily and reliably.

SEEDGerminator is a free to use crowd-funding platform that gives the Sesameseed community an opportunity to directly fund Dapps and technology on multiple blockchains. Developers from any blockchain that Sesameseed represents can utilize SEEDGerminator to help launch their projects and expand their reach to a multi-chain community.

Sesameseed represents multiple blockchains through operating a node or other means that support the networks. Calculate your stake ROI.

Sesameseed is a multi-blockchain community, created to support its members by providing fair and transparent representation in delegated governance. Sesameseed accomplishes this by maintaining a reputation of upholding its core values of community, transparency and privacy. Take an active role in blockchain adoption and join the conversation by following our Twitter account and Telegram channel.

The reward model is a representation of the community-first ideology that Sesameseed embraces. SEED is a representation of the rewards created through community participation across all blockchains on which Sesameseed operates. SEED can be exchanged at any time for its pegged value. SEED automatically participates on each blockchain on which Sesameseed is represented. Learn more about SEED here. SEED is earned by community participation such as voting or staking across any represented blockchain on which Sesameseed operates.

SEED automatically participates on blockchains on which Sesameseed is represented. No further action is required!

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SEED automatically participates on blockchains on which Sesameseed operates. Simply by holding SEED, it will automatically start accruing more rewards each day from represented blockchains. SEED can be exchanged for its pegged value at any time, which is constantly increasing. Stay tuned for updates and announcements by signing up to our newsletter and following our Twitter and Telegram channel.

client seed calculator

Sesameseed earns node rewards from all the blockchains on which it operates and distributes them back to the community as SEED using the model. SEED is pegged to these node rewards.

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This means each SEED token is always redeemable for a specific amount of coins or tokens. This redemption value, or pegged value, can never go down and is constantly increasing. This means every SEED held goes up in redemption value every day. SEED is redeemable for its pegged value at any time. For more information and to see the current pegged value, click here. No, it does not matter. SEED from Sesameseed is blockchain agnostic. This means SEED held on any represented blockchain is entitled to all its benefits.

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The reason for this is that Sesameseed accounts can participate on any represented blockchain, but are ineligible to receive the rewards for this participation. Instead, those rewards are distributed among SEED holders in proportion to how much they hold.

Sesameseed does not sell any SEED tokens. They can only be earned directly from Sesameseed by community participation such as voting or staking. However, trading pairs are available on various exchanges.The fast, easy and reliable way to create soap recipes!

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It only takes a minute to sign up. I've wrote following C method that basically takes 3 seeds and gives you number in range. I then use that number for variety of purposes but for this question the most important one is the ability of clients to see server and supply client value. Here is the method:. If you deem that it is theoretically possible to guess secret, please advise as to what I can do without changing the algorithm too much.

I was thinking about variety of things:. EDIT: Because of high number of comments most of which point to unrelated thingslet me try to clarify the question. Then I'll give ability to clients to generate 10 numbers for raffle they can request generation of new server seed for each request they send in, plus send arbitrary string as a client seed. After those 10 numbers I'll generate new secret seed, publish old one so they see nothing influenced by me and so on That's all. No homebrew crypto. No true random.

Otherwise, if you can only talk about theory and post unrelated links, I beg you to please just leave the question alone and not pollute it.

Let me know if you can guess the secret seed. If you need more computing power, send me algorithm you are trying to execute, I'll review it and put it to run on multiple servers. If you are using SHA, and you are using a bit secret with at least half entropy, then no, it should be impossible for them to determine the secret seed. This is a brute force attack on a bit hash function with bits of unknown input, the amount of computing power to do this in 24 hours or 24 years does not currently exist on this planet.

You should be able to generate billions of outputs with this secret and stay safe. The same logic follows with being able to guess outputs without the secret. Although the size of your output is a concern here, the output of the hash will be impossible to predict if an attacker controls the server and client seeds but has no knowledge of the secret.

I would also suggest that it should be infeasible for an you to generate a list of outputs for all possible client seeds for any given server in advance, for the comfort of the clients. That means having larger server and client seeds, I would say 64 to bits in length. Your server seeds should be fixed with full entropy and never changed, have them be a unique ID for that server. I would be more comfortable as a client knowing you aren't intentionally manipulating them to match the secret in some way.

They could be generated deterministically, such as by using a block cipher in counter mode, and incrementing the counter. Publishing the key used to generate them such as SHA "Generating Key" and the method used is a good idea, proving there was no special way they were generated. The client seeds should also be large enough that a collision is unlikely to occur.

I would suggest publishing a bit user id for each client, and allowing the client to choose and 2nd bit value for their input, and concatenate these to form the client seed. This gives 3 inputs to the hash, a bit secret, a bit server seed, and a bit client seed. All 3 run through a single iteration of the hash, and then compressed or truncated.

If I was a client, and knew how the scheme worked, I would be confident you could not manipulate the outcome, even if you never published the secret. Publishing the secret would allow me to verify that you are in fact using the scheme the way you described.

Of course I would need to know that you did not manipulate the secret after the first client input, this can be done by publishing something to prove what secret you are using but does not allow knowledge of the secret, such as SHA SHA Secret a la bitcoin proof of work. It would be trivial to publish this before input of client seeds, then once the secret is published, users could verify the secret existed before the first client seed was processed.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Every time I give a seed and try to generate numbers, they all are the same.

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How can I fix this? Pseudorandom number generator. A pseudorandom number generator PRNGalso known as a deterministic random bit generator DRBG, is an algorithm for generating a sequence of numbers that approximates the properties of random numbers.

The sequence is not truly random in that it is completely determined by a relatively small set of initial values, called the PRNG's state, which includes a truly random seed. If you want to have different sequences the usual case when not tuning or debugging the algorithmyou should call the zero argument constructor which uses the nanoTime to try to get a different seed every time. This Random instance should of course be kept outside of your method.

This is only an example. I don't think wrapping Random this way adds any value. Put it in a class of yours that is using it. That's the principle of a Pseudo -RNG.

Using the TI-83/84 to generate random numbers´╗┐

The numbers are not really random. They are generated using a deterministic algorithm, but depending on the seed, the sequence of generated numbers vary.

client seed calculator

Since you always use the same seed, you always get the same sequence. Problem is that you seed the random generator again. Every time you seed it the initial state of the random number generator gets reset and the first random number you generate will be the first random number after the initial state.

Several of the examples here create a new Random instance, but this is unnecessary. There is also no reason to use synchronized as one solution does. Instead, take advantage of the methods on the ThreadLocalRandom class:.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time.

client seed calculator

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Is it possible to find the "serverSeed" as shown in lines 31 and 41?

To find previous games, a hash is entered into the box, showing all previous games. Would serverSeed be used to find these hashes, or does the single hash create all previous hashes? The ServerSeed is the hash you input in order to see the crash point and to view the previous games.

Learn more. Asked 3 years, 8 months ago.

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Active 29 days ago. Viewed 6k times. SHA serverSeed. SHA, key ; return hmacHasher. StarBuck StarBuck 1 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. Number or hash? Then what is the point of "serverSeed? Active Oldest Votes. CrashPoint CrashPoint 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. The Overflow How many jobs can be done at home?IN to join. To achieve Provably Fair Gaming freebitco.

Random server and client seeds are generated and you can always change your client seed. These ensure the game cannot be tampered with.

client seed calculator

The client seed and nonce that will be used for your next roll are showed along with a SHA hash of the server seed. Server seed, client seed and nonce number of bets made with current seed pair are used to generate your roll nounce is increased by 1 each roll. Use this freebitco provably fair checker to controll if your bet are tampered you just need to insert Server Seed, Client Seed and Nonce:.

Server Seed: Client Seed: Nonce roll number :. Hi, I have used the freebitco checker but there is huge difference in roll result?!! What is mean? Thank you! Thanks you, i just add a how to with image on checker anyway you did the right thing to write i checked and script didnt change so i suppose you used server seed hashed instead of the clear one. If you didnt can write me anytime. Server Seed:. Client Seed:. Nonce roll number :.

How I can know Server seed for game dice bro Need to help Freebitco.